Thessaloniki – Bochum

Curated by Reinhard Buskies

Kunstverein Bochum e.V.

LAYERS / ΕΠΙΠΕΔΑ / SCHICHTEN is a collaborative art project focussing on diversity and complexity of geografic and social spaces. For Thessaloniki as well as for the Ruhr Area historic developments are connected with migration and intercultural constellations. Today, living in a world of digital media and internet providing a global simultaneity, local experiences overlay with a worldwide perspective. The project LAYERS / ΕΠΙΠΕΔΑ / SCHICHTEN searches for hidden connections, interactions and influences and gives them a new visibility in the context of artistic work.

LAYERS / ΕΠΙΠΕΔΑ / SCHICHTEN is joined by artists from Greece and from Germany, especially from North Rhine-Westphalia. They will be working together in Thessaloniki in November 2019, researching and developing approaches in various media from drawing and sculpture to video, sound art and performance, looking for new artistic concepts combining analog and digital techniques.

The results of this collaborative process are the basis for a presentation at the Experimatal Center for the Arts at the port of Thessaloniki and an exhibition at Kunstmuseum Bochum in February 2020. In view of the ubiquity of digital media today, some of the upcoming works like video, photography or sound art will also be developed in a special digital version which will be staged in the internet.

Participating artists:
Fotini Kariotaki, Vera Lossau, Lia Nalbantidou, Evangelos Papadopoulos, Lilla von Puttkamer, Ingo Rabe, Christine Schulz

Kindly supported by Transfer International NRW KULTURSEKRETARIAT

Gefördert durch das NRWKS und das Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen


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